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Welcome to Rockies Frozen Yogurt where you will find the friendliest service in town. At Rockies we care for our customers and strive to deliver the highest quality product possible. You'll find that every size is "Super Size" and our daily selection is delectable. Every visit will be a delicious experience with the best tasting frozen yogurt ever!

Today's Yogurt Flavors:

Chocolate Non-Fat
Reeses Non-Fat
Peanut Butter Non-Fat
Strawberry Shortcake Non-Fat
Strawberry Tart Non-Fat
Vanilla Non-Fat

Mango Sorbet Non Fat Non Dairy
Chocolate Frosted Cupcake Non-Fat
Ghirardelli Mocha Chip Non-Fat
Vanilla Cake Batter Non-Fat
Cookies N Cream Non-Fat
Blueberry Pomegranate Tart Non-Fat
Honey Greek Non-Fat
Pineapple Dole Non-Fat Non Dairy
Caramel Mou Non-Fat
Vanilla Lite Non-Fat, Sugar-Free
Chocolate Lite Non-Fat, Sugar-Free